August 1, 2014

Smartwatch App “Wearable Whiteboard” update released

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Samsung’s new Smartwatch “GEAR”, is a nifty little device that pairs via Bluetooth to your Samsung phone to send you notifications of emails, phone calls, text messages etc, you can use it to control music on your phone, and read past messages.

One thing the watch does not have is an input device, which means you cannot type into the watch. The screen is too small to support a keyboard, or you’d need to downsize your fingers! So, this app allows for a more natural form of input on a small screen, a whiteboard. You can use this whiteboard to scribble notes, using your finger, and save them for later. You’ve got a choice of colours, and the ability to rub out what you’ve done.

The app is quite popular in the Samsung GEAR app store, at #11 in the paid apps category, and #13 overall. It is a stand-alone app, and does not require an Internet connection, or Bluetooth connection to the host phone.

For the techies out there, this app was developed in HTML5 / JavaScript using the Canvas element. The smartwatch runs on the Tizen operating system, which sports a webkit-based browser, giving you the full HTML5 stack to develop apps with. Although, for developers, I cannot stress enough how necessary it is to get a real smartwatch to develop on, since the emulator is not a fair representation of the real device – and is much slower.




April 26, 2014

Company Check App available for iPhone and Android

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Company Check is an app that allows users to check the financial health of any UK or Irish company. This is designed for situations where you are unsure about a client’s or suppliers ability to pay debts or offer a credit line.

The app is based on the Ionic Framework which is based on AngularJS, running over PhoneGap (Cordova). It uses as an in-cloud caching system for scalability.

The app can be downloaded from iTunes here:

- Version 1.0 is iPhone only, version 1.1 also supports iPad – which is currently in review.

And, for Android devices, an identical app is available here:

For Windows phone devices, you can download here:


March 21, 2014

First Ubuntu Phone App

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Yesterday, our first Ubuntu Phone app was approved for release. It’s a free app named “Petrucci Sheet Music”, which allows users search for classical sheet music, and display it on their Ubuntu device.

Ubuntu phones aren’t yet available for public release, but you can run the Ubuntu OS on a Google Nexus tablet.

The app is developed as a HTML5 app, and deployed as a click package. Thanks to Emīla piezīmes, David Planella, Vladimir Viro and Digital Derry for making this possible.

March 5, 2014

Petrucci Sheet Music App for Nokia X

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WP_20140305_001 Nokia X is the new range of phones unveiled by Nokia at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2014. They are the first Nokia phones to run the Android Operating system.

We took part in the Nokia X Portathon, and ported our app “Petrucci Sheet Music” to Nokia X. You can find it by searching for “Petrucci” in the Nokia X strore.

It’s free for the moment, but may soon be on a try & buy basis.

February 19, 2014

Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2014 #MWC14

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We will be attending the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, from the 25th to the 27th of February 2014.

If you’re interested in meeting up, please send us an email.

January 21, 2014

Open Merchant Account Ltd, Runners up in Nokia’s Do Good Competition

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RNIBNokia and the RNIB (The Royal Institute for Blind People) ran in partnership to launch the “Do Good Mission“, to challenge developers to create apps that made a difference to the lives of people with low vision.

Open Merchant Account Ltd entered this challenge with it’s app “Audible Browser”, an App for windows phone that allows partially sighted or dyslexic users navigate the internet from their Windows Phone where selected text would be read out-loud by the app, using text-t0-speech (“TTS”). This technology empowers  those with low vision navigate web pages, directly from their Windows Phone device. This app is also available for Windows 8 desktop PCs also, and both apps are available free of charge for download.

Open Merchant Account was selected as a runner up in this competition, and have been awarded a design consultation by Nokia engineers to assist in future app development.

As a company, Open Merchant Account Ltd are happy to support the blind community, and this “Do Good Mission”, has enabled the company, albeit in a small way, to make their lives a little easier.




December 16, 2013

Under the Crypt – A strategy game for BlackBerry

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Under the Crypt is a puzzle / strategy game where you must crawl your way through a deep crypt, setting traps for the supernatural inhabitants of the underworld.

The original design is by Arne Koning, and this port for BlackBerry Z10 and Playbook is available for download at BlackBerry World here:

December 1, 2013 – Free SSL Image hosting

Category: Uncategorized — admin @ 5:32 pm is a free service we’ve just launched to allow users upload images for free and have them served via a secure SSL connection. This is designed for users wanting to include branding on secure payment pages, such as paypal, without having a SSL security certificate themselves.

Our website is now available over a secure https connection ““, and as part of this process I’ve put online this tool  that we’ve used internally to host our images via SSL, and made it a free public resource.

It’s a very simple website, and hopefully we can improve it over time, depending on how well used it is.


November 22, 2013

Localising your app gives huge increases in downloads.

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localizationAs an English-speaking developer, you often forget that most of the rest of the world does not speak English. There is a huge untapped source of users and customers that can be accessed by simply providing your app in the language your customer speaks.

Opposite is a graph of an app before and after localisation (“2″ represents release 2.0). I used Microsoft’s Multilingual App Toolkit, using automatic Bing translations to localize a Windows 8 WinJS app into 20-odd languages.

The process was fairly automatic, although it took some time to take screenshots, and the submission process was quite repetitive. You do have to turn your brain off as you upload 5 screenshots for Albanian, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian …. etc!

The whole process took about 2 hours to do, but resulted in huge increases in downloads, as you can see. Now all I can hope is that this translates into sales!

October 23, 2013

Unsigned bands app

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Unsigned Bands is a Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store app for discovering bands that have not yet signed to a record label. It’s an outlet for new and upcoming bands to showcase their music via Windows apps, and hopefully, get picked up by mainstream record labels who are scouting for undiscovered talent.

If you are an unsigned band, and would like to be listed in this app then you can submit your listing to

The app is free, and can be downloaded from the Windows Marketplace at the following urls:

Windows 8 Store:

Windows Phone Marketplace

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