September 24, 2015

Remote Logcat – Android debugging on steroids

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Debugging an app that’s running in an emulator, or connected to your development machine is easy-peasy. But, we all know that dreaded phone call from the client, saying that the app suddenly doesn’t work on ‘his’ phone, but you can’t see anything wrong at your end. Oh, if only you could run a “adb logcat” on his phone, but he’s miles away!.

That’s where remote logcat comes in, just add a few lines of code into your app, and then you can have your app send all it’s diagnostic information up to this website, and you can use it to help reproduce what went wrong on the client’s phone.

We’ve developed this service as an internal tool, and we’ve decided to open it up to android developers around the world, allowing them remotely debug their Android apps, using a few lines of code.

August 28, 2015

Under the Crypt: Our first Mac OSX game !

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Just this morning, we finally had our app “Under the crypt” accepted by Apple. It’s available for $0.99 cents and is available for Mountain Lion (64 Bit) or higher. It was designed with Xamarin – a .NET based cross platform app development system, – it is a port of a Phonegap app, that was previously available for Blackberry and Android on the Amazon app store. Thanks goes to to @veubeke, @UlrikeErdmann, and Tyber Zann for programming support!


Download here;

August 2, 2015

.NET for Mac OSX – Our first Mac OSX app on the apple App Store.

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Running .NET on a Mac is not easy, you might need to install a virtual machine with Windows on it, or install the mono framework. This app we wrote for the apple App Store for Mac OSX (Desktop), now lets you run simple .NET apps from your Macbook.

It’s based on the Xamarin.Mac framework, and the back-end runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Check it out at:

April 17, 2015

“Developer’s Toolbox” bundle available on iTunes

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Apple has recently announced “App bundles” which are collections of apps that you can download at a fraction of the cost of each app individually. We’ve released our “Developer’s Toolbox” bundle which gives you access to all of our Programming-related apps, for a discounted price of $7.99 for 9 apps.

You can get this special offer at

April 14, 2015

Pitching at Invent 2015

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We’re going to be pitching at Invent 2015 with our advertising platform - a solution for in-app advertising for users without an Internet connection.
The event is sponsored by Bank of Ireland UK, and organised by NISP Connect.

February 19, 2015

IceBreaker App Live #BreakSomeIce

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We’re very proud to be involved with this new social media app!, Download it,
and go #BreakSomeIce !

February 11, 2015

NokiaX apps now available on Opera Mobile Store

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With the effective demise of Nokia’s ill-fated venture into Android, Microsoft Mobile Oy, the successor to Nokia’s mobile business has transferred all it’s Android apps to the Opera Mobile Store. We had a number of Android apps available for Nokia X, and these have been moved too, and you can find them here

This move should significantly bolster Opera’s position as an alternative app store, beside Amazon and Samsung. What remains to be seen is if they can gain a foothold in the Chinese market, where Google Play is not available, and local incumbents like Tencent and Baidu have taken that market share. We, also would be interested in making our paid android apps available in China, so anyone with expertise in that area should contact us.


February 8, 2015

Offline – an advertising solution that works even when offline.

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Offline is an advertising platform for apps that is designed to work specifically when the user’s device is offline, and not connected to the Internet. This is where most ad platforms just show an empty space, this backup solution allows you to fill that unused ad space with a paid ad.

As an advertiser, it lets you gain brand exposure, even for a fraction of the cost of the mainstream ad networks.

Want to find out more? visit –

October 10, 2014

BlackBerry Silver Enterprise Partner

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As of yesterday, our company have now been certified as a BlackBerry Silver Enterprise Partner, which gives us access to discounted BlackBerry Device, BES Licenses, BlackBerry Certification, and access to Partner Spotlight.

Thanks BlackBerry!

September 2, 2014

First prize in Vserv-DVLUP competition

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Vserv new logo

Vserv delivers Smart Data™ insights on the emerging billion connected users that can be leveraged by marketers, telecom operators and app developers. Through tools such as AppWrapper and SDKs, the company enables app publishers to integrate ads within their mobile apps and derive maximum monetization out of them.
These tools enable publishers to integrate ads within apps without having to modify the source code. This makes them an ideal solution for developers who are looking to take their apps to the market faster without having to go through the learning curve of a third party advertising platform.
This year in June, Vserv partnered with DVLUP, a rewards platform for Nokia developers, for a competition to help developers increase their monetization opportunities for Nokia X apps. Our company participated in this competition, wrapping a set of Android apps for Nokia X, which brought our total downloads of Nokia Apps to over 1.1 million downloads!
The combination of advertising exposure, downloads, and app quality, put our company out in front, and on the September 1, we were notified that our company had won the first prize in the competition,  and were to be rewarded a cash prize, along with a Nokia X phone for development.

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